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The story of Compass is the story of coffee

And how a million tiny details can come together to create something truly magical.
compass coffee coffee dc ethically sourced farm

Ethically Sourced

We form deep and lasting relationships with a global network of farms and farmers so that you can feel good about where your coffee comes from.

compass coffee coffee dc peak roasted beans


All of our blends and single origins are expertly crafted and peak-roasted by our roasting team to ensure that each bean realizes its full potential.

compass coffee coffee dc developing leaders

Developing Leaders

We train and develop leaders to run amazing cafés and deliver an incredible coffee experience to the communities they serve.

compass coffee coffee dc Georgetown cafe pink sunrise

Serving Communities

We build beautiful, inviting cafés where everything - down to the smallest detail - is as good as the coffee.

compass coffee coffee dc artisanal flavors

Artisanal Flavors

Our flavor team crafts your favorite seasonal flavors with the same degree of care that goes into every cup of coffee.

compass coffee coffee dc hand crafted furniture welding building


We bring our love of craft and commitment to quality to everything we do - we even build the furniture that goes into our cafés!

compass coffee coffee dc community family smiling people barista

Coffee Community

From start to finish, we know that in order to create a truly special experience, everything has to be as good as the coffee. In practice, this means that it's about a lot more than just the coffee.

compass coffee coffee dc handoff delivery barista smiles sharing

More Than Just Coffee

It's about a thousand small details coming together in just the right way.

compass coffee coffee dc the team picture community

From Our Coffee Community to Yours

The dedication and passion of every Compass team makes it possible to serve you your perfect cup, every time. From our coffee community to yours!

Find Your Closest Compass

Coffee is even better when you enjoy it at your local café.

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compass coffee coffee dc cafe 7th st busy
compass coffee coffee dc cafe 7th st busy
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