Compass Coffee Opens new location in Washington Post Building

Customers now have two Compass locations in McPherson Square

Compass Coffee Opens new location in Washington Post Building

Washington, D.C. - Oct 15th, 2019 - Compass Coffee, the esteemed coffee brand known for its commitment to legendary coffee and community, is excited to announce the opening of its latest location in the iconic Washington Post Building at 1301 K St NW. This new cafe in McPherson Square represents a significant milestone for Compass Coffee as it brings together two neighboring locations, allowing customers to experience the brand's exceptional coffee and warm hospitality from door to door for the first time.

The new Compass Coffee location in the Washington Post Building marks an important achievement in the brand's expansion strategy, as it paves the way for future cafes to be situated in close proximity. The unique opportunity to have neighboring locations provides increased convenience for customers and further establishes Compass Coffee as a go-to destination in the McPherson Square area.

"This is a remarkable milestone for us," said Michael Haft, co-founder of Compass Coffee. "Being able to open a location in the iconic Washington Post Building and have our cafes within sight of each other is an exciting step forward. We are thrilled to offer our patrons an enhanced Compass Coffee experience, providing even greater convenience and accessibility."

The McPherson Square location within the Washington Post Building presents a unique opportunity for Compass Coffee to engage with both the bustling professional community and the vibrant local neighborhood. As a central hub of activity, the cafe aims to create an inviting space for individuals to connect, collaborate, or simply enjoy a moment of respite amidst their busy lives.

"The opening of our new location in the Washington Post Building is a significant moment for us," said Harrison Suarez, co-founder of Compass Coffee. "This achievement sets the stage for future cafes to be in close proximity, enhancing the overall Compass Coffee experience. We are excited to bring our exceptional coffee and welcoming atmosphere to even more customers in McPherson Square."

Compass Coffee's expansion into the Washington Post Building further solidifies its commitment to exceptional quality, community engagement, and fostering meaningful connections. With each new location, Compass Coffee continues to reinforce its position as a beloved coffee brand in Washington, D.C.


 About Compass Coffee:
Compass Coffee was founded in 2014 by two Marines with a vision of creating 'Real Good Coffee' – an aspiration that is more than just an outstanding cup of coffee; it's a commitment to ethical sourcing, skillful blending, and peak roasting. With locations throughout DC, Compass Coffee's goal is to provide experiences beyond a cup of coffee, crafting rituals that bring people together and enrich daily life. For more information, visit and follow us @compasscoffeedc on social media.

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