Brand Ambassador FAQs

Our Brand Ambassador Program:

Why we started a Brand Ambassador Program?
What are my perks for joining the program?
How do I manage my Brand Ambassador Account?
Can I refer my friends to be Brand Ambassadors?
Will you be sending me a lot of emails about the program?
How do I cancel my Brand Ambassador account?
Brand Ambassador Rules

What are the tiers and how do they work?

Espresso Tier
Cortado Tier
Latte Tier
Cold Brew Tier
How do I know if I have joined a new tier?
When will I receive my gifts for joining a new tier?
What do I do if I am missing my gift?

How does my brand ambassador code work?

What is my Brand Ambassador code?
How does my Brand Ambassador link and code work?
Can I change my Brand Ambassador code?
What if I forget to apply my code to an order?
Will my code work for subscription orders?
Can I combine discounts?

How do I earn commission for sales?

How much commission do I earn per sale?
When will I get paid for my sales?
How can I track my sales and commission?
Why do I need to download PayPal?
What should I do if it looks like I am missing commission?
What happens to my commission if someone cancels their order?

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