Brand Ambassador Program FAQ

Our Brand Ambassador Program:

Why we started a Brand Ambassador Program?

We started our Brand Ambassador program to not only engage with people who are enthusiastic about Compass, but also to provide them with an opportunity to share their love for Compass with their friends, family, and followers, all while earning fantastic discounts, cash, and exclusive experiences.

What are my perks for joining the program?

As an Ambassador, you will be given a unique referral code that you can share with your friends, family, and followers. They can use this code to save 20% on their orders, and every time someone makes a purchase using your code, you will earn cash. You will also receive Compass merch, the opportunity to participate in exclusive experiences with the Compass team, and lots and lots of coffee!

How do I manage my Brand Ambassador Account?

You can manage your account through your Shopify Collabs portal. From there, you can view your gifts, your commission and your sale analytics. You will also be able to make any updates to your profile, connect all of your socials, and link your PayPal account using your portal.

Can I refer my friends to be Brand Ambassadors?

Of course! We would love to have your friends (and everyone you know) as part of our Brand Ambassador Program. Just send them the link and tell them to apply!

Will you be sending me a lot of emails about the program?

Don't worry - we will only send emails that we find really important to you as an ambassador. You will definitely get a welcome email, and an email every time you join a new tier. After that, we will just send emails when we have new products or opportunities we want to highlight!

How do I cancel my Brand Ambassador account?

We are sorry to see you go - but we understand, even the best things must come to an end. If you want to cancel your account, you can do that through your Brand Ambassador portal. Just click on settings and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Delete Collabs account." This will remove you from our Brand Ambassador Program and all further communication.

If you wish to rejoin, you will need to complete the application process again.

Brand Ambassador Rules

Thank you SO much for being a Compass Brand Ambassador - we love having you as part of the program and seeing the content you create. As with every program, there are some rules that we want to outline so that you get the most out of our ambassador program!

  • You must be 18 years or older to be a Brand Ambassador
  • Please don't comment on any official Compass Coffee Social Media account with your affiliate code.
  • Please don't pass out your affiliate code in any of our cafes to customers or team members.
  • Please don't sell any Compass products at any events, or online. You may give away products as gifts, but otherwise there is no physical selling of Compass products - leave the selling to our awesome sales team :)
  • Be respectful and kind to all other Brand Ambassadors and Compass team members.
  • And most importantly, remember that the Brand Ambassador program's main goal is to help introduce new customers to Compass and share the word of Real Good Coffee!

What are the tiers and how do they work?

Espresso Tier

Welcome to the Brand Ambassador Program! You are automatically added to our Espresso tier when you join the program. You will earn 5% commission on every sale, and your friends, family, and followers will save 20% every time they use your code!

P.S. Make sure you also redeem your gift (you'll find the link in your welcome email)!

Cortado Tier

Congrats - you made 20 sales! Once you make 20 sales, we will automatically add you to our Cortado Tier. You will earn 10% commission on every sale, and your friends, family, and followers will save 20% every time they use your code!

Latte Tier

Congrats - you made 50 sales! Once you make 50 sales, we will automatically add you to our Latte Tier. You will earn 15% commission on every sale, and your friends, family, and followers will save 20% every time they use your code!

Cold Brew Tier

Wow - you made 200 sales! Once you make 200 sales, we will automatically add you to our Cold Brew Tier. You will earn 20% commission on every sale, and your friends, family, and followers will save 20% every time they use your code!

How do I know if I have joined a new tier?

Congrats on joining a new tier! Whenever you join a new tier - we will send you an email and a welcome gift! Each time you move into a new tier, you will earn even more commission!

When will I receive my gifts for joining a new tier?

Congrats on joining a new tier - we are so excited that we wanted to celebrate with you! You should receive your new tier gift within one week of joining your new tier! It will automatically ship to the address that you provided when you joined the program.

What do I do if I am missing my gift?

Oh no! I am so sorry that you haven't received your new tier gift yet! Please email with what you are missing and we will reach out asap. It is important to us that you receive your gift box!

How does my brand ambassador code work?

What is my Brand Ambassador code?

Your Brand Ambassador code is your social media handle that you connected when you joined the program! This is the code that you can share with all of your friends, family, and followers so that they can save 20% on their order!

How does my Brand Ambassador link and code work?

Whenever someone uses your link to shop on, they will automatically save 20% on their order. If someone wants to just use your code, they can enter that on the checkout screen to save 20%!

Can I change my Brand Ambassador code?

Unfortunately, you can't change your code, as this is how we attribute your commission for each sale! If you need to connect new socials to your account, you can do that through your Collabs Portal.

If you are passionate about changing your ambassador code, please email so that we can help you accurately update your account!

What if I forget to apply my code to an order?

That's okay - I know you were just super excited about your new coffee! If you forgot to apply your code to an order, please email within 24 hours of the checkout so that we can apply the discount and attribute the sale to you! Make sure to include your ambassador code in your email!

Will my code work for subscription orders?

Yes! Your code will work on the first subscription order that is placed and you will be attributed for that sale!

Keep in mind, your code is not applicable with prepaid subscriptions.

Can I combine discounts?

Unfortunately you can't combine any other discounts with your Brand ambassador code. If you want to use your code, make sure you have removed all other discounts from the checkout screen.

How do I earn commission for sales?

How much commission do I earn per sale?

Your commission depends on which tier you are in - but you will earn anywhere from 5% - 20% on every sale! You can view your current tier status in your Brand Ambassador portal.

When will I get paid for my sales?

We pay all creators through PayPal! When you set up your Brand Ambassador account, you will be able to link your PayPal account using your email. Creators will be paid at the start of the month, based on their sales for the month prior.

How can I track my sales and commission?

You can track your sales and commission through your Brand Ambassador Portal! The portal makes it really easy to see how many sales you have made, and how much commission you will receive on a weekly basis!

Why do I need to download PayPal?

PayPal is how we pay our creators. PayPal is super easy to download, and has a lot of policies in place to protect both us, and you, if anything were to go wrong.

What should I do if it looks like I am missing commission?

Oh no! I am so sorry that you are missing commission. Please email with all of your information and we will reach back out soon with next steps!

What happens to my commission if someone cancels their order?

Great question! If someone cancels their order before it ships, then you will not receive the commission for that sale. You will see this reflected in your earned commission in your Brand Ambassador Portal.

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