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If you filled out the form correctly, keep your eyes open for an email with a COOL discount code that gives you 30% off an online purchase of Cold Brew on Tap (12 cups for 20 bucks) and $10 off a Cold Brew purchase in a cafe.

Your Summer of Cold Brew starts now.

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Your Cold Brew Questions

How long does the Cold Brew stay fresh?

Our special FridgePack technology keeps your Cold Brew fresh for up to 30 days!

Does it have to remain refrigerated?

We recommend refrigerating your Cold Brew after opening for ultimate freshness!

How many cups of Cold Brew are in the Cold Brew on Tap?

Our Cold Brew on Tap will make 12 glasses of refreshing Cold Brew - that is a whole lot of Cold Brew!

How should I serve the Cold Brew?

The best way to serve Cold Brew is whichever way you enjoy the most! Really, we mean it. Rather you like Cold Brew straight up, over ice, or with a dash of milk - Cold Brew on Tap is crafted to be the perfect cup cup of iced coffee, just for you.

Do you sell the Cold Brew all year?

We do! Even after Cold Brew Summer, we will continue to have Cold Brew on Tap in stock. So no need to worry about running out!

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