Iced tea is a staple drink from late spring through the fall. This guide will help you make your favorite hot teas into iced tea, regardless of what type of tea it is!

Iced tea season usually proves tricky for the tea lover looking for a refreshing beverage on a hot dayfor example, not accounting for ice melt usually leads to a watered-down drink and overcompensating for the melt can lead to an overpoweringly bitter beverage.

This guide presents a method that’s accessible to everyone and doesn’t necessarily need any special equipment or foresight. All you’ll need is two tea bags, a glass, ice, hot water, and a timer!

A Quick Note

Different teas brew at different temperatures and for different amounts of time. While I will be using herbal tea, you might be using green tea. Herbal teas require higher temperatures than green teas. Increasing your brewing temperature will decrease the time it needs to brew. Of course, increasing the temperature too much runs the risk of scorching the tea, which adds a burnt taste to your brew. Here are the tea standards at Compass:

Herbal Teas: 205 F, 3:30

Black Teas: 205 F, 3:30

Green Teas: 175 F, 3:30

Step 1

Place two tea bags into a mug, mason jar, or another container.

Step 2

Pour water into the container, ensuring that both bags are fully soaked.

Step 3

Set your timer for 3:30 and let the tea steep.

Step 4

As you near the end of the steep time, completely fill your glass with ice so that it’s nearly overflowing.

Step 5

When the timer sounds, pour the steeped hot tea directly over the ice.

What you'll need:

Two bags of your favorite tea

A small container to steep the tea. (A mason jar or mug works perfectly.)

A hot water kettle


Your favorite drinking glass.

Brew time:



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