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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Our Cafes

What are the cafe hours?
Which cafes serve Breakfast Sandwiches?
Do you serve food in the cafes?
How can I sign up for rewards in the cafes?
How can I purchase a gift card?
What kind of payment do you accept in your cafes?
How do I get my receipt from my most recent cafe purchase?
How do I request a refund?
Help! I lost something in the cafe!
Can I refill my tin or recycle it?
Can I reserve a table for my party?

02. Your Orders

Where is my order?
How do I update my shipping address?
Why am I being charged a shipping cost?
I received my coffee damaged - help!


Why should I sign up for a subscription?
How do I update my payment method?
How do I update my subscription?
How do I delay or cancel my subscription?

04. Real Good Coffee

What coffee should I buy?
Can I buy coffee pre-ground?
What sizes do your coffes come in?
How fresh will my beans be when I buy them?
Do you sell K-cups and Nespresso pods?
What is your decafinated process?
Is your coffee organic?
Is your coffee Fair Trade Certified?

05. Crown Tea + Simple Syrups

Do you sell your syrups?
Do you sell your tea?
Are your products Kosher?

06. The Compass Website + All Things media

Why are the prices different on your website than in your cafes?
I am having trouble with a discount code on your website.
Can I film in one of your cafes?
How can I set up an interview with someone at Compass?
Can I write for your blog?
I have a question about your marketing strategy- who can I contact?

7. Everything else

What is Compass' story?
Are you hiring?
I want to serve your coffee in my restuarant!
I am a current wholesale customer and I have questions about my order and/or equipment.
How can I host an event with you?
Can you dontate coffee to my organization?
Do you cater?
I have a great idea for a potential location!
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